Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy Review

Practicality meets luxury inside the Subaru Legacy. The Legacy is equipped with the same all-weather/all-road capabilities of it’s SUV siblings, but in a sedan body. The Subaru Legacy stands confidently on it’s wider & lower frame, making it more balanced than ever before. It’s sleek and efficient shape, gives the Legacy it’s edge - making it a leading model in its class.

Subaru Legacy

The highlight for me in the Legacy is the EPIC infotainment system. It’s beautiful, a work of art really. This model features a 11.6-inch Infotainment system, turning your drivers seat into a connection center. Having everything from climate control, audio systems, and navigation at the tip of your fingers makes it easy to set you up for the best drive every single time. This system is like an extension of your phone making you feel connected while driving.

Subaru Legacy infotainment

We need to take a minute for the stunning interior of the Legacy. No detail is missed with this comfortable yet luxurious interior, including more space & premium touches. Engineered to support your posture and reduce fatigue, the Legacy’s Nappa leather seats come heated (in the front and back) accompanied by a heated steering wheel. The details don’t end there, the Legacy also comes with wireless phone charging, and versatile cargo. Overall this spacious vehicle will make you feel like you are driving a luxury car.

Subaru Legacy interior

Take a ride in the Legacy and you’ll never want to get out!