Symmetrical All Wheel Drive vs Regular All Wheel Drive AWD

Symmetrical All Wheel Drive

Let’s talk about the difference between Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive and regular all-wheel drive.

Subaru has made a name for itself because of it’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. If you look at a Subaru’s drivetrain, you’ll notice that one side is just a mirror image of the other. While the symmetry may not seem important, it’s actually safer than normal AWD system. The symmetry allows for better balance of the vehicle giving you better control as a driver.


The key feature with Symmetrical AWD is that it sends power to all four wheels continuously. In All-Wheel Drive, that only happens after the vehicle senses slippage and may not be able to react in time. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive greatly reduces the chances of you slipping in the first place, making it a much safer option.

Last but certainly not least, Symmetrical AWD is more efficient allowing your vehicle to last longer. It uses fewer components and loses less power due to friction compared to normal All-Wheel Drive systems. Therefore, not only will you be safer when you drive a Subaru, but you will also be getting your money’s worth.