Wilcox Lake Adventure in the Subaru Outback


Adventuring to York Region's Lake Wilcox in the Subaru Outback

This year is all about exploring your own backyard (literally) or maybe a local spot that you always drive by but never stop at. Lake Wilcox is a super unique spot tucked into the middle of York Region. Who knew there was a whole lake here?! Head north on Bayview & you can’t miss it. The best part about this spot is there are lots of places to park & walk from. It’s the perfect mini adventure to get outside and stretch those legs.

subaru-outback-lifetyle subaru-outback

We hopped into the Subaru Outback and took it for a little spin up to the lake. The one thing I noticed right away was the amazing turning radius, I know it’s not the most glamorous feature, but it proved helpful on the drive. The new Subaru infotainment system is also incredible. Everything is controlled through the touch screen & it is very easy to use, It basically feels like you are driving around with a giant smart phone extension. Since we embarked on our drive after the first snow of the season, the most essential feature was the heated seats.

The Subaru Outback also has a luxurious interior & an innovative design. There are so many spots for holding all of your gadgets and anything you might bring with you on your drive, aka easy access for snacks. This vehicle if the perfect for winter exploring!

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